BRAND CONNECT Asia Pacific - Portfolio Management


Distinctive infrastructure 

We provide genuine end-to-end supply chain management; pick-up to point-of-sale.  Forget dealing each day with myriad shippers, customs agents, storage sites and sellers.  Instead, relax and enjoy Brand Connect's single-point account management service.  Plus state of the art, real-time inventory and shipping management software, to keep you informed

At the heart of our logistics operation is 100,000ft2 of strategically-located consolidation, bonded-warehousing and distribution facilities.  Singapore is Asia's most connected intercontinental port, and sits at the heart of the region shortening onward delivery shipments

With offices and people on the ground, in every market, we also ensure that advantages gained through the supply chain don't evaporate on a dockside, for lack of a personal touch

A focussed and efficient distribution solution, that shortens route to market.  Across multiple Asian destinations.  Via a single Account Manager.  And the occasional tap on your iPad

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