Goslings Family Old Reserve Rum, BRAND CONNECT Asia Pacific

Goslings Family Old Reserve Rum

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Crafted from the same Bermuda blend as Black Seal Rum, but aged in dark barrels even longer.

So long in fact,it acquires an extra luscious, nuanced complexity much like a rare Scotch or Cognac. Consider it the ultimate sipping rum.

Each bottle is carefully hand labeled; dipped in wax; numbered; encircled with a metal band and then placed in a straw-filled wooden box, reminiscent of days past.

Appropriately, it’s called Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum. Except now, the deep, dark secret rum that Goslings have enjoyed privately for generations, is now shared with their friends. And yours.

CATEGORY: 1.4 Rum -Amber



ABV: 40%

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: British West Indies

REGION: Bermuda

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