Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum

ABV: 46.5%
Bottle Size: 75Cl

Blackheart Spiced Rum is a high-proofed, high-spirited expression meant to appeal to the “rebellious natured” drinker.
The name may stem from the pirate Captain Blackheart, which as best we can determine comes from a children’s story on pirates by Margo Fallis:

“My name’s Blackheart and I am the Captain of the ship Treasure Hunter. I’ve been a pirate most of my life. When I was but a lad of ten, my father, a drunkard, sold me to a pirate for a keg of Tortuga Rum.” Or it could be one of many tales of the pirate Blackheart. Certainly Heaven Hills likes the image of a sultry female pirate, “Sexy and seductive and left a trail of broken hearts wherever she traveled.”