Branca Menta

ABV: 28%
Bottle Size: 70Cl

Brancamenta is born in the 1960, a time period characterized by great changes, from the economic boom, to a new way of life- more individualistic and less conformist and therefore, of great desires of new experiences, even in tastes and and flavours.
Fratelli Branca Distillerie, thanks to the great and special intuition that has always characterized it, decides to study and embark on an production project of a drink perfect for all seasons and creates Brancamenta, a product that surprises its consumers and aficionados through its “thill of intense pleasure”.
Brancamenta, perfect of all seasons, is the icon of ice vold drink both as an aperitif as well as a long nights emblematic of taste and pleasure.

It is also ideal in the irresistible Mintonic cocktail. The recipe is extremely simple: crushed lime, a spoonful of brown sugar and some mint leave, add some crushed ice, add 1/5 Brancamenta and 4/5 tonic water and garnish with mint leaves.

For a really “cool” drink, we advise to enjoy Brancamenta at a below-zero temperature: a way of drinking it that inspired one of the most iconic advertisements in Italy: an image of a glass sculpted in ice.