Georgia Moon Corn Whiskey (Jar)

ABV: 40%
Bottle Size: 75Cl

“The Johnson Distilling Co” is responsible for the production of Georgia Moon Corn Whisky. In Bardstown, a town in the US state of Kentucky, the whisky is carefully handcrafted. Georgia Moon Corn Whisky is made from the finest corn and pure spring water. The fresh corn used in the production of the whisky results in a strong and full-bodied taste. In the nose, notes of maize and butter are already visible. Since Georgia Moon Corn Whisky is a “Corn Whisky“, this Moonshine must have a corn content of at least 80%. Of course, the whisky therefore has particularly intense notes of yellow corn on the palate. Let yourself be seduced by the sweet and at the same time spicy notes of the whisky. Georgia Moon Corn Whisky is still ready to ship today so that you can enjoy it at home with your loved ones in just a few days! Whether enjoyed pure or on ice – Georgia Moon Corn Whisky will delight you! Üby the way: Take a look at the product photo of the whisky! The Moonshine comes in wonderfully rustic-looking jars, even the labels on the glasses look like in old times. Have fun with the quality whisky from Kentucky!