Golden 8 William Pear Liqueur

ABV: 25%
Bottle Size: 70Cl

Enjoy tasting Golden Eight in its amber color with hints of warm, reddish gold; a divine promise of a truly great liqueur… Right from the beginning, as soon as you open the bottle, the powerful, warm fragrance of perfectly ripe Williams pear is released with an inkling of warm, gourmet notes make it very tempting to taste.

And then… A sweet symphony emerges, generous and sensual, with all the aromas of a freshly picked pear, almost candied or in the form of jam, before revealing delicate, caramelized vanilla notes, merging into the light cascades of the eau-de-vie that brought it to life: a Massenez Pear Liqueur aged for more than 8 years. A unique, exclusive signature of the Massenez distillery since 1870, the recipe for which has been a closely guarded secret among master liquorists.

Preferably to be enjoyed chilled or on ice.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: golden with caramel hues.

Nose: pleasing, very pleasant, expressive, very open to the fruit.

Palate: very generous, well balanced, rounded. Lively attack, crunching fruit, persistent freshness. Fruity structure. Rounded development. Lovely persistence. Very harmonious finish, enchanting for the palate.