Hine Domaines Bonneuil 2005

ABV: 40%
Bottle Size: 70Cl

Appellation Grande Champagne Contrôlée
Limited Edition of 18 casks of 450 numbered bottles.

Bonneuil 2005 is an unblended cognac from a single harvest, providing the purest and most accurate expression of the Grande Champagne’s chalky terroir. Its guiding philosophy is to remain as close as possible to the wine itself and reveal the distinct character of the soils from which the vines draw their identity.

Such panache! Bonneuil 2005 is a curiosity, an unparalleled field of expression. Forthright, polished and peremptory, if it were an object it would undoubtedly be the blade of a Japanese knife. Like the dancers of Edgar Degas, its dual qualities of precision and vitality perform a ballet in the glass; a pirouette of white flowers, supported by ripe quince that almost draws us into its spin. Pineapple hints at exoticism, while a light saltiness provides a lingering ocean finish.

Disconcerting, it is best savoured with a few grey shrimps and a bit of Lou Reed. Take a walk on the wild side.