La Maison Fontaine Chocolate Absinthe Liqueur

ABV: 25%
Bottle Size: 70Cl

La Maison Fontaine® Chocolat is our chocolate absinthe liqueur inspired by a hand-written recipe for Crème de Cacao in our Distillery’‘s recipe book dating back to the 1920s.

Fontaine Chocolat has been masterfully refined using a combination of our Pontarlier-grown Grande Absinthe and the finest chocolate infusion. Fontaine Chocolat is characterized by sweet richness, combined with apparent notes of Grande Absinthe and chocolate, which create a unique soft liqueur.

Another French absinthe revolution from La Maison Fontaine®!

Fontaine Chocolat is the perfect after dinner drink to enjoy neat or poured over ice with a pinch of chili salt! Don’t believe us? Try it out.

Fontaine Chocolat is also a wonderfully versatile liqueur that can be mixed into an array of sublime cocktails. We call this The Art of Imagination.