Nouaison Gin

ABV: 45%
Bottle Size: 70Cl

Based on grape spirit rather than the more usual grain spirits and flavoured with the petals of vine flowers alongside more traditional gin botanicals. “Nouaison” is a French term for the blossoming of a vine flower.

The fertilised vine flower forms a tiny green berry that will eventually ripen and become a juicy grape, and the unique flavour of these is extracted by maceration in neutral grape spirit.

The nine other botanicals which flavour G’Vine include juniper berries, ginger root, liquorice, cassia bark, green cardamom, coriander, cubeb berries, nutmeg and lime. These botanicals are macerated in neutral grape spirit over a two to five day process by group to extract their purest aromas and distilled in the neutral grape spirit. They are then distilled in small bespoke stills.

Finally the various infusions, botanical distillates and more neutral grape spirit are blended together to undergo a final distillation in a copper pot still affectionately nicknamed ‘Lily Fleur’.

Each bottle is individually numbered on the bottle’s neck.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Crystal clear

Aroma: Floral, mineral nose with aromas of juniper, coriander and lime zest with fainter hints of fresh root ginger and rose water.

Taste: Piney juniper notes rightly predominate on the huge palate with fresh coriander right up there and lime zest close behind. Spicy notes of nutmeg, ginger and sweet liquorice follow, along with floral flavours.